Accessibility Support Center

Welcome to the ASC! We are happy you found us! 

We are here to support you by offering academic counseling, accommodations, and services to support your success in your academic goals. If you're enrolled with ASC, this Canvas page is here as a resource for you - it does not show on your transcript and is not public information.

If you are not enrolled with ASC and are here to explore resources, welcome! We provide services for students who learn differently or have disabilities that create challenges with learning or access to their coursework. 

Here you will find: 

  • Contact Information for the ASC
    • The ASC website has the hours, location, staff, eligibility, services, and other information  
    • Phones: (831) 479-6370 or 479-6379
    • Email:


  • Learning and Study Skills for Success! 
    • Click on "MODULES" at the left for LEARNING AND STUDY SKILLS FOR SUCCESS! 


An outdoor group photo of some of the ASC faculty and staff. 8 people are facing the camera and smiling.